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Welcome to Saruketha Restaurant,

We welcome you as our friends and hope you will truly enjoy your dining experience and our Traditional atmosphere. Each and every item is prepared as you order using the finest ingredients available. This is not fast food and may take a few extra minutes to prepare, but we’re sure the food we serve will be well worth the wait. Our goal is to give you great food at reasonable prices. We would greatly appreciate your comments and sincerely thank you for your patronage.
-team Saruketha.

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Fantastic Lunch

Went to the sarukethan by recommendation of Lonely Planet and absolutely loved the place. Slightly overpriced (still roughly the same as most of the big hotels in srilanka). Amazing ambiance, really diverse menu, very helpful and attentive staff.Ginger chicken one of the best dishes I have ever had the pleasure of eating. My wife had the blacke pork curry and also found it fantastic. When the food's this good, I don't mind paying extra.
This is the place to go if you want excellent food and drink in a spacious, relaxing environment and are willing to pay 'top dollar' for the privilege. Another reviewer said the prices were similar to those in the big hotels -- but what distinguishes most restaurants in the big hotels is not the food, but the prices. At Saruketha, even though the prices may be as high, it is the quality of the food, and the service, which distinguish it.

By Arundhati R

Wonderful Experience at Saruketha

It is truly outstanding as others have said. We arrived early and went very late very atmospheric. friendly staff,grate food and fantastic surrounding The waiters were excellent and the owner(David) were charming and friendly All round perfection.

By AdrianaF442

Stop there on your way!

On our way to Dambulla and Sigiriyi, we have asked the driver to stop us for a cup of Coffee as we started our trip really early from Marawila, so he recommended this restaurant. My Wife and I really enjoyed 2 cups of Srilankan Coffee (a bit strong - which is good for early mornings) then we have asked for Pizza and fries for take away and they tasted really good. we toured the place and took some cool pictures around the bamboo trees and the naturally designed decor.


Eco-Friendly Dining

Such a tastefully done restaurant with real srilankan values.but such a rich menu covering all types of food western to eastern and srilankan, mud huts wooden chairs and cadjan roofs, you feel like your in a old srilankan village and middle of a spice garden , it is a wonderful experience to have and to observe some wild life while you eat. food was grate and the overall service was perfect. this is a must on your way

shane s

Our Values _____________________________________

  • We are in business to meet our customers needs.
  • We believe in empowering our staff to resolve customers concerns on the spot We treat our employees as we want them to treat our customers.
  • We believe in you the customer, and by this tradition we will continue to make a reasonable profit, that will allow us to remain competitive,healthy,community involved,and a Family Restaurant where generation will continue to gather.
  • We seek your comments, for we realize to exceed your expectations, we need to know what they are.Your safety, health, comfort, nourishment and Quality Service are Number "One" to US!!

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